about us

Our mission is to
increase the GDP of
the blockchain

BayPay is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the blockchain. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our software to accept payments and manage their token businesses on chain.

The potential of
the token economy

Despite blockchain related businesses growing faster than the rest of the economy, only about 0.3 percent of global commerce happens on chain today. Regulatory complexity, a byzantine global financial system, and a shortage of engineers are constraining the impact of the token economy. Removing the barriers to token commerce helps more new businesses get started, expedites growth for existing companies, and increases economic output and trade globally.

The token payments stack

BayPay combines a payments platform with applications that put blockchain data at the heart of business operations.


Sitting atop our blockchain platform are applications to manage lifecycle of the blockchain, including the token, wallet, cashier and deposit money to your bank account internationally.

Blockchain APIs

At our core is a powerful API engine that makes transferring assets ownership easy.


Our SaaS (Software as a Service) infrastructure provides reliability, scalability, and security.

Solutions rooted in
no-key and no-fee

As the world’s easy to use developer platform, BayPay gives businesses the tools and technology to build better.


The biggest obstacle for users to enter the blockchain world is to establish a wallet of their own, whether it is to keep the private key or remember the recovery phrase makes the heart scared. By separating the two roles of identity authentication and authorization, BayPay allows users to use wallets as easy as using Gmail. It also allows companies to integrate token services in existing products to provide a consistent user experience。


All transactions have costs. For example, the use of VISA cards will charge a fee of about 2%. However, if the transaction fee is determined by the consumer and borne by the consumer, and must purchase a specific token to pay, it will make the consumer Very confused and inconvenient, and this is the current state of the token economy. The tokens issued by BayPay support the payment of these fees by designated service providers, making it as easy as using ordinary points for consumers.


The BayPay cloud service provides hundreds of application programming interfaces to assist your token economy operations, as well as dozens of third-party integrated applications that help enterprises operate, including vouchers; discount coupons, gift certificates, meal coupons, redemption coupons, points, loyalty programs and more. The best part is that services are priced based on usage, without expensive program development costs and lengthy launch time.

Removing financial complexity

We work with financial institutions, regulators, payment networks, banks, blockchain service providers and crypto wallets so businesses who run on BayPay don’t have to.