Get started with blockchain payments,ZERO fee

Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum, store and spend them securely, or turn cryptocurriences into dollars in your accounts worldwide.
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Empower your business's cross-border payments with next-day, zero-cost, zero fraud blockchain billing solution.

Cryptocurriences payment gateway, from retails to online stores

Accept Cryptocurriences Payments

Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC 20 tokens and points for your business.

Good as cash payment gateway.

Your client need to pay you a thousand, you get a thousand cash to your bank account.

Zero transaction fee

BytePay takes the risk of fluctuations in bitcoin price.

Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum for your business

Use 's retail, ecommerce, billing, and donation tools to accept payments from customers anywhere on the planet.

Receive settlement for Bitcoin and Ethereum directly to your bank account in your local currency, with zero price volatility or risk.

Create Cashier

You can also create your crypto asset portfollio

provide systematic investment plan to help you buy crypto curriencies and store in Custody Wallet with offline cold wallets to protect your private keys from being hacked or lost.

With the saftguard services provided by CustodyBank, your crypto assets are free from hacker attack or personal lost, protected by MultiSignature, Multi location backups and hierarchical management.

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