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The Complete Toolkit

For Blockchain Business
BayPay’s meticulously designed APIs and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible product for your users.


Whether it's creating loyalty programs, vouchers for retail stores, rewards for e-commerce stores, or authentic cards for luxury goods. You can expand your business by tokenized products or services on the blockchain.


We believe that wallet is a problem rooted in user experience, rather than privacy or protection. We obsessively seek out a balance between the need for centralized management and the freedom of the decentralized ownership. Since we've eliminated needless complexity and extraneous details like private keys or Gas fee, you can get up and running with our wallet API in just a few minutes.


The cashier is an endpoint to accept assets on the blockchain in exchange products or services in retails. BayPay provides the APIs to show the value of the assets, verify the results of the transaction, cash out the assets, and deposit that money into merchants' bank accounts.

Mint your token
Increase revenue

Whether you’re looking to reward members for their purchasing, give free vouchers or coupons to new customers, set up gift certificates for marketplace, or simply sell tickets, do it all with a fully integrated, global platform that can support online and in-person transactions.

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Help your users
Spend your tokens

Integrate your business with our APIs, enable each of your user with a secured wallet without worry about private key protection nor gas fee tipping.

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ERC20 Support


Chains Support


ERC721 Support

Cash Out

Shops can accept your tokens as a payment tool, then BayPay will help shops cash your tokens. Not only do you not need to sign a contract with the store, but also reduce your cooperation costs.




Market place、 Restaurant



Reasonable Pricing Model

$99 you can mint a standard ERC20 token.
1 cent per month for each wallet hosted in our services.
2% for each token cash out.