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Payment Test
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10 USD
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0.04581 ETH
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This invoice we accept zero confirmation.
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Unpay (Please complete the payment right now,the invoice valid only for 15 mins.)
  1. Do NOT send transactions directly from an exchange
  2. Because Bitcoin price change very fast, we can only lock the amount you should pay for this invoice for 15 minutes.
  3. Please pay sufficient fee/gas for the miners or your transation might be delay or failed.
  4. Disclaimer:Bytepay offer the cyrpto currencies wallet serverice to support[0xAcademy]to accept your crypto coins,Bytepay doesn't know who you are nor why you want to pay [0xAcademy],Except the tech issues realted to accept your crypto coins,Bytepay has no responsibility for any problem you may encounter with[0xAcademy].
  5. If for any reason you would like to ask for refund,[0xAcademy]will refund you the TWD[10], certain fee may apply. Bytepay won't get involved nor refund the coins you paied.