Monthly Archives: October 2007

Business Credit Card

  Business credit cards are meant for business purposes. When you need to do payments regarding business deals then you need to have business credit card in order to have separate estimate of the expenses. There can be several reasons for which you may require the need of business card: It is an Interest-free credit: […]

Achieving Gold Credit Card

  After the existence of silver credit cards it was felt that there is a need of gold credit cards also. These cards categorized as platinum, silver and gold cards show nothing but reflects your financial standard. Gold credit card holder is assumed as to have good financial status. The introduction of gold credit cards […]

Tips for Car Insurance

  A person looking for car insurance would surely like to buy the insurance policy which is cheap and best. This can be a positive step that you can take to save money. When we talk about the best car insurance, it is the one that covers all the possible risks associated to an automobile […]

What Coverage You Need For Your Car?

  If you owe a car then you need car insurance. In spite of willing to take car insurance you don?t know about different kinds of car insurance or what kind of coverage you need. How much car insurance you need? Or how you can find the best rate on car insurance? All such questions […]

Individual Vs Group Health insurance

Individual health insurance is meant for only one individual, or family. Individual plans are more expensive as compared to group insurance. While you apply for health insurance you will be judged from a health point of view. You will be asked various questions about your current and past health history. The purpose of evaluating you […]

Health Insurance – How much to buy?

  Health insurance means the insurer pays the medical costs of the insured if his health is affected due to any reason like accidents or if he becomes sick. The insurer may be a private organization or government organization. It is a policy that will pay specified sums for medical expenses or treatments. Health policies […]